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New Strategy, Ethics, & Entrepreneurship

- Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Darden Business Publishing has new cases and technical notes for review! These course materials were published within the last six months and are already gaining popularity with students and instructors. We hope the list below will help you decide which ones to include in your courses for next year. Log in to Darden Business Publishing to download review copies of cases and teaching notes. Let us help with a complimentary course consultation—simply email us at to make an appointment.

We hope that these new materials will help you enhance the learning experience of your students. Thank you for your dedication to teaching and for considering Darden Business Publishing as a valuable resource.

Recently Published Popular Course Materials in Strategy, Ethics, and Entrepreneurship

Topics: Drug Development; FDA; Clinical Trials; Milestone Model; Big Pharma
“Venture Capital in Biotechnology” (UVA-OM-1796) 


Topics: E-Commerce; Entrepreneurial Risk; Employee Stock Option Plan
“Flipkart: An Entrepreneurial Culture Built to Last?” (UVA-S-0425)

Topics: CEO Turnover; Boutique Interactive Fitness; Innovation Management
“Peloton’s Post-Pandemic Predicament” (UVA-S-0413)

Topics: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion; Stakeholder Management; Title IX; Regulatory Oversight
“Transgender Athletes: What Are the Rules of the Road? (A)” (UVA-E-0503)

Topics: Retaliation; Workplace Discrimination; Police Culture; Strategic Change
“Nikki Brown: Caught between Career and Conscience” (UVA-OB-1432)

Topics: Energy Rights Management; AI Strategy; Ethics in IT; Public Key Infrastructure 
“Intertrust Technologies: Digitizing and Decarbonizing the Electrical Grid” (UVA-S-0449)

Topics: Remote Work Policy; Flexibility Stigma; Employee Engagement
“Returning to Redmond? Exploring Equity in Hybrid Work Environments at Microsoft” (UVA-E-0497)

Topics: Digital Productivity Monitoring; Performance Evaluation; Compensation Fairness; Employee Satisfaction
“HealthMet and Workplace Surveillance” (UVA-E-0493)

Topics: Technology Lifecycle; Strategic Innovation
“Carbfix: Creating a Market for Permanent Carbon Storage” (UVA-S-0407)

Topics: Corporate Governance; Proxy Battle Process; Investor Relations
“The Little Hedge Fund that Could? Activist Investing at ExxonMobil” (UVA-S-0422)

Topics: Retail Strategy; Private Label; Differentiation; Competitive Pressure
“Trader Joe’s: Navigating the Changing Seas of an Evolving Industry” (UVA-S-0412)

Topics: Leading through Uncertainty; Team Performance; Courageous Action
“Save the Children (A)” (UVA-OB-1383)

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