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New Operations and Decision Sciences Cases

- Thursday, March 21, 2024

Darden Business Publishing has new cases for review! These Decision Sciences and Operations cases were published in the last few months and are already gaining popularity with students and instructors. Darden Business Publishing hopes the list below will help you decide which ones to include in your courses for next year. Log in to Darden Business Publishing online to download review copies of cases, teaching notes, and spreadsheets. Let Darden Business Publishing be of further help with a complimentary course consultation—simply email us at to make an appointment.

Recently Published Popular Cases in Decision Sciences and Operations Management 

Topics: NCAA Team Rankings; Seeding Selection Process; March Madness
“Selection Sunday” (UVA-OB-1434)

Topics: Linear Regression; Binary Variable; Loan Default; Spreadsheet Modeling
“Logistic Regression: Modeling with StatTools” (UVA-QA-0945)

Topics: Game Theory; Nash Equilibrium; Macroeconomics; Negotiation Strategy
“Boris’s Brexit Dilemma (A)” (UVA-QA-0956)

Topics: Data Governance; Strategic Data Management
“Data Quality and Data Engineering” (UVA-OM-1790)

Topics: Data Visualization; Descriptive Statistics; Storyboarding
“The Solution Shop and Storytelling Process” (UVA-BC-0294)

Topics: Aggregator Strategy; DTC Online Retail; Scaling Technology
“Ecommerce Brands: Digital Scale” (UVA-OM-1776)

Topics: Strategic Sourcing; Acquisition Integration; Spending Cube
“Dovrex Procurement Diagnostic” (UVA-OM-1747)

Topics: Responsible AI Implementation; Machine Learning
“Artificial Intelligence in Business: Machines and Management” (UVA-OM-1778)

Topics: Demand Forecasting; Expectation-Maximization; Booking Curve
“Demand Unconstraining Methods” (UVA-QA-0934)

Topics: Bellman Equation; Backward Induction; American Options; Value-to-Go
“Introduction to Dynamic Programming” (UVA-QA-0955)

Topics: SaaS; AI in Cloud Computing; NetSuite; Intuit; SAP; Oracle; IBM; Salesforce, Inc.
“Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): From Mainframe to Cloud” (UVA-OM-1794)

Topics: Procurement; Inclusive Contracting; Economic Equity
“Supplier Diversity in the City of Portland” (UVA-OM-1793)

Topics: Managing Variability in Queueing
“Queueing Fundamentals” (UVA-OM-1802)

Topics: Predictive Pricing Analytics; Demand Forecasting; Sensitivity Analysis
“TV Advertising Pricing at Regional Broadcast Network (A)” (UVA-QA-0966)

Topics: Experience Curve; Log-Log Relationship; Moore’s Law; Cost Modeling
“Competitive-Cost Analysis: Experience Curves” (UVA-OM-1799)


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