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New Finance Fundamentals Book

- Friday, October 20, 2023

Darden Business Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of Finance People: An Introduction to Their World and How They Think, a new book to help students understand the fundamentals of finance. 

Now instructors whose students find jumping into the world of financial statements, risk adjustments, and cash flow models daunting can take heart. This book is the guide students need to become oriented to the fundamental concepts and calculations of finance. At the Darden School of Business, the book is assigned as recommended reading in the first-year core Financial Management and Policies course and is essential reading for those undergraduate, MBA, or executive learners new to the finance area who may need a brief introduction to financial markets, investing, and other business applications. The author draws from experience working with new finance learners and practitioners to give them a firm footing in the foundational concepts of finance. The straightforward language and vocabulary definitions and easy-to-follow examples and exercises clarify such key financial topics as economic value creation, the opportunity cost of capital, financial analysis and modeling, cash flow and valuation, and financial leverage. 
For students preparing for that first undergraduate or MBA Finance course, Finance People: An Introduction to Their World and How They Think offers them the concepts on which business decision-makers rely that will soon have them thinking like a finance person.

Book: Available now at Amazon: Finance People: An Introduction to Their World and How They Think 
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