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New Accounting Cases

- Thursday, March 21, 2024

Darden Business Publishing has new cases and technical notes for review! These accounting course materials were published within the last year and are already gaining popularity with students and instructors. Darden Business Publishing hopes the list below will help you decide which ones to include in your accounting courses for next year. Log in to Darden Business Publishing online to download review copies of cases, teaching notes, and spreadsheets. Let Darden Business Publishing be of further help with a complimentary course consultation—simply email us at to make an appointment.

Recently Published Popular Accounting Course Materials 

Topics: Bankruptcy; Available for Sale Securities; Private Equity; Commercial Banking
“What’s in a Name? Classifying Securities at Silicon Valley Bank” (UVA-C-2470)


Topics: Budget Variance Analysis; Performance Measurement; Role-Play
“Airinit: Clearing the Accounting Air” (UVA-C-2442)

Topics: Alternative Depreciation Methods; Long-Term/Fixed/Capital Assets
“Accounting for Property, Plant, and Equipment and Depreciation Expense” (UVA-C-2477)

Topics: Financial Reporting Requirements; External Audit Process
“The Financial Reporting Process and Annual Report: A Brief Overview” (UVA-C-2466)

Topics: Sales on Account; Write-Offs and Recoveries; Bad Debt Expense; Doubtful and Uncollectible Accounts Allowance
“Accounting for Accounts Receivable and Bad Debt Expense” (UVA-C-2473)

Topics: Pension Plan Accounting; Defined Benefit vs. Defined Contribution 
“Defined Benefit Pension Plans” (UVA-C-2472)

Topics: Purchase and Sale of Inventory; Inventory Write-Downs; LIFO Reserve vs. FIFO Inventory Valuation
“Accounting for Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold Expense” (UVA-C-2474)

Topics: Inventory Turnover; Days Sales/Payables Outstanding; Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
“Working Capital: A Summary of Ratios by Industry, 2023” (UVA-C-2471)

Topics: Unforeseen Events; Probable Future Payments; Potential Lawsuits
“Accounting for Contingent Liabilities” (UVA-C-2467)

Topics: Revenue Recognition; Accounting Standards Codification 606
“Accounting for Revenues” (UVA-C-2478)

Student-Centered Learning Seminar June 6–7, 2024

This two-day program is a high-energy, high-engagement introduction to the strategies and methods essential to creating a student-centered learning environment—the environment central to successful experiential learning and at the heart of case method teaching. View the full program outline and register here! 

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