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Featured Cryptocurrency Case

- Thursday, March 23, 2023
Darden Business Publishing is excited to introduce “Crypto Winter Buries Celsius Network and Batters DeFi” by the award-winning case author and instructor Professor Yiorgos (George) Allayannis. This new recently published case is timely and will be highly engaging for your students. The case follows the collapse of cryptocurrency lender Celsius Network Ltd in July 2022 and closely examines the fallout and repercussions to the largely unregulated decentralized finance industry. The case gives students an opportunity to explore the ramifications of the crisis using a stakeholder approach and to view the situation through the eyes of bank executives, crypto investors, potential bailout lenders, and government regulators. A teaching note is forthcoming.

Topics for class discussion could include the following:
• A discussion of the DeFi ecosystem
• An examination of the crypto winter and its effect on Celsius
• What are stablecoins and their role in the crypto investment ecosystem?
• An exploration of the governance and transparency of the ecosystem
• Gain a better understanding of the risks behind decentralized finance

Log in to Darden Business Publishing today to download a review copy of the case and bring this complex story to life in your course.

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