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Darden Course Pack Detailed Instructions

A Guide to Managing Your Darden Course Packs

Using Darden Course Packs is an efficient and economical solution to providing course materials to your students. Below are detailed instructions for creating and managing your Darden Course Packs. NOTE: Students must register and be logged in with their ".edu" email address to receive the academic rate for course materials on this website.

Creating a Darden Course Pack

You must be registered as a faculty member and logged in to the Darden Business Publishing website to create a Darden Course Pack. If you wish to use content other than what is available on the Darden Business Publishing site, please use the Darden Plus! Course Builder.

Once logged in, find the products that you want to include in your Darden Course Pack. From any product detail page, select an electronic format (EPUB or PDF) and then click the "Save to Library" button. Please note that only PDF and EPUB files may be included in your course pack; hard-copy materials cannot be included.

Once you have added all the chosen products to your Library, click on the “Course Packs” apple icon at the top of the screen.

Next click the “Create New” button.

Complete the required information on the "Create Course Pack" screen. Required fields are designated by an asterisk (*).

Title (REQUIRED FIELD): Enter the title of your course or course module in this text field. This will be the title of the course pack; it will appear in bold on the course pack’s product page on the storefront. It is recommended that you keep the title short and descriptive.

Description (REQUIRED FIELD): Use this text field to describe the content of the course or module that you have created. This information will appear as the course pack’s description on the storefront.

Learning Objectives: This optional text field is used to describe the objectives of the course pack you have created. Use a semicolon “;” to separate each objective. 

Keywords: This optional text field is used to help others find your course pack through the “Search” function. You may enter multiple keywords, but separate each one with a semicolon “;”. The course pack’s number and title are keywords by default, so there is no need to include either.

Categories (REQUIRED FIELD): Use this field to categorize your course pack for the browse function on the site. Use the “up” and “down” arrows to scroll through the list of categories. Hold down Cntrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) key and click to select multiple categories. Your course pack will appear on the storefront in the selected category or categories.

Deactivation Date: This field contains the date that your Darden Course Pack will no longer be available on the storefront. The default deactivation date is six months from the day you activate the course pack. You may override the default date by scrolling through the calendar and selecting a different deactivation date. Deactivated course packs appear on your Darden Course Pack dashboard with a status of "Inactive."

Select Products from Your Library (REQUIRED FIELD): This field lists the products that you have saved to your Library. Only products you’ve added to your library can be added to your Darden Course Pack. To add a product to your Library, select either EPUB or PDF format and click the corresponding radio button. Then click the "Save to Library" button.

Other helpful functions:

Save as a Draft: You may save an in-progress Darden Course Pack by clicking the “Save as a Draft” button. Once you save a course pack, it will appear as a “Draft” on your Darden Course Pack dashboard.

Publish Course Pack: To upload a completed Darden Course Pack to the storefront for students to purchase, click on the “Publish Darden Course Pack” button. You will receive an e-mail confirming the activation of your Darden Course Pack. Note: It may take up to 15 minutes after course pack creation for the product URL to become active.

Cancel: Selecting "Cancel" will clear all of the fields and return you to the course pack dashboard.

Providing course packs to your students

Send students a link to the course pack so they can purchase it. You can access that link two ways:

Option 1: After your course pack has been published, you will receive a link to the course pack in your email. You may copy that address and distribute to your students.

Option 2: Log in to your Darden Business Publishing account and navigate to your course pack dashboard. 

Next, find the Darden Course Pack in the list, and then click “View or Deactivate.” Copy the link from the “Product URL” field, and send it to your students. 

Note: it may take up to 15 minutes after Darden Course Pack creation for the URL to become active.



Deactivating a Course Pack

You may choose to deactivate your Darden Course Pack at any time. To deactivate your Darden Course Pack, go to your Darden Course Pack dashboard and click on “View or Deactivate.”

A “View Course Pack” screen will appear. 

Select “Deactivate,” and a warning will appear. To deactivate your Darden Course Pack select “OK.”

A message will appear confirming the deactivation of your course pack.

Once you click “OK,” the Darden Course Pack dashboard will appear and your course pack’s new status will be “Inactive.”

You will also receive an e-mail confirming that your Darden Course Pack has been deactivated.

Copying a Course Pack

You may copy an existing Darden Course Pack to use in its entirety, or modify it to create a new Darden Course Pack. To copy a Darden Course Pack, you must first log in to the storefront using your faculty credentials. Once logged in, click on the “Darden Course Packs” apple icon at the top of the screen, which takes you to the Darden Course Pack dashboard.

The course pack dashboard lists all the course packs you have created. Click on the “Copy” icon associated with the course pack you want to copy.

A message will appear informing you that you can add or delete Darden Course Pack components and edit the metadata fields. It also reminds you to activate the course pack so your students can access it. Click “OK” to proceed.

After you click “OK,” the “Edit Course Pack” page appears. On this screen, fill in the required fields for the new course pack. An asterisk “*” designates required fields. You must choose a unique title for each course pack.

At the bottom of the Darden Course Pack dashboard is a list of Darden Course Pack components, or products, in your Library. The products with check marks in the “Select” field have been copied into your new Darden Course Pack.

You may add or delete products from the Darden Course Pack by checking the “Select” box next to the product you wish to add. To remove a product from your Darden Course Pack, click on an existing check mark to deselect it. The price of the Darden Course Pack automatically updates as you add or delete products. Click on the “Publish Darden Course Pack” button to make the course pack available for purchase.  NOTE: Students must register and be logged in with their ".edu" email address to receive the academic rate for course materials on this website.