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New and Popular Business Ethics Course Materials

- Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Below you will find the most popular business ethics cases published in the last six months by Darden Business Publishing. Log in to Darden Business Publishing online to download review copies, teaching notes, and spreadsheets. Now is a great time to decide which ones will work well in your courses for the year and to begin adding those materials to your DardenPlus! course bundle. Darden Business Publishing can be of further help with a complimentary course consultation—simply email us at to make an appointment.

Topic: Ethics in Stakeholder Management Decisions; Corporate Values Alignment
“Morgan Wallen: Tough Decisions at the William Morris Endeavor Agency (A–C)” (UVA-E-0494) 

Topic: Olympic Games and Social Protest
“The United States Olympic Committee and Rule 50 in the 21st Century” (UVA-E-0478)

Topic: Sexism and Gender-Bias in Sports
“Norwegian Women’s Beach Handball: Bucking the Bikini Bottoms” (UVA-E-0492)

Topic: Gender Bias in Professional Sports
“Looking for the Fast Break: The WNBA Nears a Quarter Century” (UVA-E-0491)

Topic: Corporate Brand Reputation Management in the NIL Era
“Nike: Retaining Talent and Managing a Brand” (UVA-E-0485)

Topic: Ethics in Emerging Digital Technology
“Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Real World” (UVA-OM-1783)

Topic: Environmental and Financial Sustainability in the Beef Industry
“Where’s the (Sustainable) Beef? McDonald’s Quest” (UVA-E-0489)

Topic: Ethical Sourcing in the Technology Sector
“Fairphone (A): Can a Start-Up Change an Industry?” (UVA-OM-1712)

Topic: Ethics in Healthcare; Ethics in Emerging Digital Technology
“Move Fast, but Without Bias: Ethical AI Development in a Start-up Culture (A)” (UVA-E-OB-1411)

Topic: Stakeholder Management; Crisis Management; Business Communications
“Controversy at K-State” (UVA-OB-1343)

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