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Build a Course

Darden Business Publishing now offers two ways to organize content for your courses. 

  • Darden Course Packs allows you to quickly assign course materials available directly from the Darden Business Publishing site. Select from Darden Business Publishing's library of over 2,500 cases, technical notes, videos and simulations to create a course pack for your students.
  • DardenPlus! Course Builder gives you the capability to combine Darden Business Publishing content with any readings from our partner library as well as any such non-copyrighted documents you would like to upload for your course as quizzes and assignment questions. The DardenPlus! Course Builder platform is recommended for instructors wanting to efficiently combine Darden course materials with third-party content or their own authored content in a course bundle. If you are creating a course pack with only materials from Darden Business Publishing, please follow the instructions for building a Darden course pack here.
Darden Course Pack Features: DardenPlus! Course Builder Features: 
  • Use Darden Course Packs when assigning only Darden cases and technical notes to your students. 
  • DardenPlus! simplifies the process of gathering and delivering the content you want from disparate publishers and ensures that your program or student is afforded the academic permissions rate for course materials.
  • Select from Darden Business Publishing's library of over 2,500 cases, technical notes, videos, and simulations to create a course pack for your students.
  • Instructors can now select cases, technical notes, and articles from a library of over 30 publishing partners; and upload their own copyright-free documents (e.g., quizzes or lecture notes) to the same one-click downloadable bundle.
  • When you create your Darden course pack you will have a single link to send to your students. 
  • DardenPlus! easily integrates with several popular Learning Management Systems to make content delivery simple and straight forward; the most common of which are Canvas, Blackboard, and Desire 2 Learn.
  • When logged in with their .edu email address, students will automatically receive the best academic rate.
  • The DardenPlus! Course Builder Platform's fee structure costs are modest as are the standard copyright permissions fees.
  • $4.95 DardenPlus! Course Builder base rate for bundles of three or more documents.
  • $0.25 per document in DardenPlus!
  • Variable charge per document requiring additional permission based on the publishing source; e.g., journal articles, newspaper articles, and so forth.
  •  If your program has an institutional-level agreement with Harvard Business School Publishing (HBSP) and you do not see HBSP cases listed on the platform, contact Elliot Leflar at and we will add the HBSP collection to your school's account view.

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