Positioning: The Essence of Marketing Strategy

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This note takes the reader through the development of a positioning statement for a target market. The exercise includes determining the relevant point of reference (market definition, product category, competitive set) and associated points of parity, the point of difference, and why customers should believe the product or service can deliver on the desired positioning. The appendix contains a description of perceptual mapping, a tool that is often used when making positioning decisions.</p>
Case Number: M-0754
Author: Moore, Marian C.
Helstein, Richard
Type: Technical Note
Learning Objectives: Understand the critical role of positioning in marketing strategy Learn the elements of a positioning statement
Length: 10 pages.
Category: Marketing
Branding Strategy
Consumer Marketing
Marketing Strategy & Planning
Industry: Multiple
Published: 03/16/09
Revision Date: 12/15/09
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