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New and Popular Marketing Cases

- Thursday, November 2, 2017

Right now is the best time to begin to prepare for your winter and spring courses by updating your course readings. Below are several recently published marketing cases with which you may not yet be familiar. Log in to Darden Business Publishing now to download review copies, teaching notes, and spreadsheets, and to decide if any of these cases would work well in your course.
After adding selected products to your “Library,” go to the “My Course Packs” tab at the top of the home page to begin creating your assignment. Use the quick-start guide found on your course pack dashboard to get started, or view the step-by-step instructions here.

Popular Cases in Marketing 

Topic: Pricing Strategies
“Uber Pricing Strategies and Marketing Communications” (UVA-M-0871) 


Topic: Nontraditional Brand-Building Strategies
“Red Bull (Abridged)” (UVA-M-0849)


Topic: Brand Equity
“Wheaties: Reinvigorating an Iconic Brand (A)” (UVA-M-0828)


Topic: Social Media and Mobile Marketing
“Starbucks's Loyalty Reigns” (UVA-M-0903)


Topic: Strategic Multichannel Marketing
“Under Armour's Willful Digital Moves” (UVA-M-0910)


New Cases in Marketing

Topic: A/B Testing and Agile Development
“Tackling Low Completion Rates—A Conundrum (A)” (UVA-M-0947)


Topic: Marketing-Promotion Strategy
“From Heineken with Love: James Bond Product Promotion” (UVA-M-0952)


Topic: Channel Strategy
“The Multichannel Challenge at Natura in Beauty and Personal Care” (UVA-M-0943)


Topic: Online Marketing Metrics; Social Media Influencers in China
“ElleoZhang and Weibo” (UVA-M-0944)


Topic: Marketing Analytics
“Marketing Analytics Resource Allocation” (VIDEO PLAYLIST) (UVA-M-0946)


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