LIVESTRONG: Cycling Around Lance Armstrong

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In early 2013, the ongoing controversy involving cyclist Lance Armstrong's use of performance-enhancing drugs was taking its toll on the nonprofit LIVESTRONG Foundation, which Armstrong himself had founded years before after being diagnosed with cancer. Armstrong had already been stripped of his titles, including six Tour de France medals, and was about to appear on a television interview where he presumably would admit to doping. LIVESTRONG CEO Doug Ulman and his leadership team had to figure out how to meet the various challenges that now confronted the organization: a continued drain on the organization's time and energy, bad publicity, media scrutiny, and the erosion of financial support. The organization had helped hundreds of thousands of cancer survivors over the years and Ulman and the others wanted to make sure that LIVESTRONG remained strong and viable.
Case Number: OB-1047
Author: James, Erika Hayes
Mead, Jenny
Type: Case
Learning Objectives: Analyze and assess effective crisis management approaches. Explore leadership strategies for managing complex situations, particularly when reputation is involved. Analyze the complexities of dealing with crisis in the nonprofit world.
Length: 6 pages.
Category: Ethics
Industry: Entertainment/Leisure/Sports
Published: 03/22/13
Revision Date: 04/30/13
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