International Ratios Tell A Story–2005

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This case provides an opportunity for students to (1) understand the calculation of a number of basic financial ratios, (2) analyze a set of common-size balance sheets and several financial ratio metrics, (3) hypothesize how some basic understanding of an industry should be reflected in certain financial indicators, and (4) present to their classmates a rationale for their pairings and to respond to questions from their classmates. If instructors are so inclined, use of this case also provides an opportunity to (1) discuss an organizing framework for the focal ratios, (2) present the concepts of financial leverage and the DuPont ratio model, and (3) introduce students to some of the published sources for industry metrics.
Case Number: C-2235
Author: Haskins, Mark E.
Type: Case
Length: 5 pages.
Category: Accounting and Control
Financial Analysis
Industry: Multiple
Published: 04/19/06
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