Euro Disney or Euro Disaster?

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This case concerns the troubles that Euro Disney experienced from the start. Euro Disney claimed that the major cause of its poor financial performance was the European recession and the strong French franc. The timing of the park's opening could not have been more inopportune. If the recession had been the only cause of Euro Disney's problems, the financial restructuring would only need to carry the park forward to better economic times. Only when Europeans began spending freely again would investors learn the answers to some uncomfortable questions: Was the whole idea of Euro Disney misconceived? Were there other fundamental cultural problems that could inhibit the park's success? Would Euro Disney fail to recover even though other European companies did? And, if so, why was the Disney theme-park concept successful in Japan and not in France?
Case Number: G-0477
Author: Grayson, Leslie E.
Sheikholeslami, Golnar
Type: Case
Length: 11 pages.
Category: Diversity Management and Leveraging Difference
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Growing Enterprises
International Business
Industry: Entertainment/Leisure/Sports
Published: 10/31/94
Revision Date: 09/01/95
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