Deutsche Bank and the Road to Basel III

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This public-sourced case was named the best finance case of 2013 in the 24th annual awards and competition sponsored by The Case Centre. It was designed for and works well in the latter portion of a GEMBA Financial Management and Policies course and in the early stage of a second-year MBA elective Financial Institutions and Markets course. The case is set in mid-2012 as the new co-CEOs of Deutsche Bank are about to speak in an analyst call. Students are the decision makers and have the opportunity to evaluate the various factors affecting a bank's situation in a changing global industry, such as leverage and credit quality, as well as to discuss the implications on Deutsche Bank and the banking sector more broadly of Basel III, the global regulatory reform. The students also have the opportunity to conduct a valuation of the bank. Investors were anxious to know whether the new co-CEOs would discuss the strategy of how Deutsche Bank planned to meet the new regulatory requirements, what effect Basel III would have on the company's profitability, and what lines of business it would focus on going forward in a new banking environment. They also wanted to know more about the benefits of the 2010 majority stake investment in Postbank, a German commercial bank. In class, this discussion also allows for a broader examination of the universal bank model and the role of banks within society.
Case Number: F-1695
Author: Allayannis, George (Yiorgos)
Yemen, Gerry
Wicks, Andrew C.
Dougherty, Matthew
Type: Case
Length: 20 pages.
Learning Objectives: ?raise basic questions around global financial systems and regulatory reform efforts ?explore efforts to create and coordinate internationally accepted banking regulations ?analyze a bank's financial reports to evaluate its position within newly adopted regulations ?consider the role of traditional commercial and investment banks in economies and within society ?develop an awareness of the role of public trust in business
Category: Ethics:Ethics in Finance
Finance:Capital Markets & Instruments
Finance:Capital Structure Management
Finance:Corporate Finance
Finance:Cost of Capital
Finance:Ethics in Finance
Finance:Mergers and Acquisitions
Version: 1.0
Published: 04/02/13
Revision Date: 10/21/13
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