Decision-Making and Leading through Crisis

Picture of Decision-Making and Leading through Crisis
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During a discussion, a physician once pointed to the name on his lab jacket and said, "MD?makes decisions!" One of the greatest challenges we face in cultivating leadership competence is being centered and skillful in the midst of difficult and upsetting situations, or during times of crisis. Each of the three vignettes in this case offers an opportunity to practice decision-making in challenging situations. The material helps students focus on decision-making. What guides effective decision-making? The vignettes present situations that can be used to describe common approaches to decision-making and explore problems or challenges with traditional decision-making.
Case Number: OB-0904
Author: James, Erika Hayes
Type: Case
Category: Ethics
Ethical Decision Making
Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Career Management
Crisis Management
High Performance
Human Resource Management
Team Management
Industry: N/A
Published: 05/16/07
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